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Rob Papen Blade - Download

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  • Get up and running fast with the downloadable version 
  • Harmolator additive synthesis engine lets you define your own original sounds
  • Set your sounds into motion with Blade's advanced X/Y pad, and tweak your tones with countless modulators, filters, and onboard effects
  • Powerful additive synthesis virtual instrument that lets you easily create complex original sounds
  • Easy-to-use controls and logically laid out user interface makes sound creation fun and intuitive
  • Unique Harmolator additive synthesis oscillator lets you quickly construct waveforms via 9 simple parameters
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Rop Papen's Blade additive synthesizer virtual instrument is what every die-hard synth nut has been waiting for - an additive synth that's fun and easy to use. Thanks to Blade's innovative Harmolator, you can create unique and exciting sounds in a matter of minutes - all by just tweaking a few simple controls. A highly programmable X/Y pad lets you manipulate 12 of Blade's parameters in real time, and you can even record and loop its pad motion. Top it off with filters, envelopes, modulation sources, plus a killer step sequencer and there's really nothing quite like Rop Papen's Blade virtual instrument. 


Harmolator additive synthesis engine lets you define your own original sounds
Chances are, you've never seen anything like Blade's Harmolator additive synthesis oscillator before. That's because Rop Papen designed Blade with a fresh, user-friendly approach to additive synthesis. A visual display gives you a graphic representation of your oscillator as you tweak the Harmolator's controls. Each of the Harmolator's nine controls lets you shape a critical element within your sound, allowing you to create complex waveforms, without having to master hard math. What's more, the Harmolator also lets you add unison voicings and a sub-oscillator to your sound, giving you even greater sound design possibilities.


Set your sounds into motion with Blade's advanced X/Y pad
Here's where Rop Papen's Blade virtual instrument goes from really cool to totally over the top: the X/Y pad. X/Y pads, in general, aren't terribly novel anymore, but Rop Papen kicked up the potential of the one in Blade by putting it in control of up to 12 separate parameters, including all of the Harmolator's settings. This lets you seriously morph your sounds in real time. But that's not all. Blade's X/Y pad also features pad motion recording with tempo sync, looping, bi-directional looping, and external modulation, giving you tons of great ways to add energy and excitement to your sounds.


Tweak your tones with countless modulators, filters, and onboard effects
Between its Harmolator and its epic X/Y pad, Rop Papen's Blade already leaves most virtual instruments in the dust, at least when it comes to sheer sound-design potential. But these are just the flagship features of this amazing additive synth. Under the hood, Blade gives you access to more modulators and sound-shaping tools than you could ever ask for. Envelopes, LFOs, velocity mapping - you name it, Blade's got it! Choose from a 21 distortion types and 12 fantastic filters, all while tapping into a pair of fully loaded effects engines. There's even a feature-rich and flexible step sequencer onboard Blade, providing you with yet one more way to make your sounds move.

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